The wigs? The stars are more and more fond of it since they can change their look as many times as they want. All without damaging their hair.

That’s why we see them go from a black square to a long pink hair in a snap of their fingers.  

They usually put them on to attract attention during their shows, but wig changes have become so common with them that they no longer surprise us.

Many of these celebrities have accustomed us to their constant changes of look. Dressing in fashion and setting trends is normal for them and there is a moment when what should surprise us, especially when it comes to wigs. Can anyone imagine Katy Perry without an extravagant hairstyle at her shows? Just to give you an example…

In the following list, you will discover ten famous women who cannot live without a wig. Some wear them constantly but some are forced to wear them to hide their baldness (guess who):


1. Kylie Jenner

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

She is known for constantly using wigs, but recently confessed that she was fed up. Now she prefers to show off her natural hair. And she is fond of human hair wig.


2. Katy Perry

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

The singer is a great lover of wigs, especially the craziest, with the most conspicuous colors.

3. Kim Kardashian

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

Kim also uses wigs and her favorites are silver.


4. Ariana Grande

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

She started dyeing her hair when she was very little and it damaged them; that’s why she uses hairpieces and extensions to cover parts of her head.


5. Beyoncé

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

She likes to change her hairstyle and, so as not to damage her hair, uses wigs. She has a collection of 34 wigs, all valued at a million dollars.


6. Rihanna

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

She is also one of the celebrities who are not afraid of wigs. The singer uses them to change her hairstyle and hair color.


7. Naomi Campbell

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

She is said to have hair problems due to constant damage to her scalp. Using wigs allows him to hide a few holes.


8. Amber Rose

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig

Kanye West’s ex has had her characteristic platinum look and been very short for years but, from time to time, she chooses a change and this is where wigs come in.


9. Gwen Stefani

She was very discreet with her wigs and extensions but her fans noticed it anyway. However, the singer prefers a natural look.


10. Keira Knightley

10 Female Celebrities Who Wear Wig
Keira Knightley

In an interview with InStyle UK, she confessed that her hair started to fall 5 years ago and that she had to use wigs to hide her baldness.

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