Some people will wear a ponytail or braid every day. Some people will flat iron or curl their hair wet before going out the door. Some people wash their hair every day. However, all of this will damage your hair.

Fortunately, here are 7 tips to help you prevent and repair damaged hair.


1. Use too much heat

It is recommended to use curling irons and flat irons with a heat setting option. Stop frying your hair. People with fine, fine and fragile hair should use the lowest heat setting and hold a loop for 5-10 seconds. Start by using a low temperature and less time and gradually increase if necessary. If you use heat daily, permanent damage to the hair can occur, as the heat changes the hydrogen bonds that hold the hair together.


2. Tight hairstyles

Ponytails, braids and updos are a fun and creative way to change your look. However, since you are constantly pulling on your scalp, these tight hairstyles can actually harm your hair. Avoid having hair all the time. In general, you can try to kiss your natural hair.


3. Brush wet hair

Towel drying and brushing wet hair damages the hair. It is recommended to change the towel to a softer material, such as the fabric used in a shirt. To untangle wet hair or a wet brush, it’s best to use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush.


4. Curling / straightening wet hair

Never straighten your wet or damp hair, as wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. Otherwise, the hair will become more vulnerable, which will cause hair breakage. But we have to admit that wet hair is much more likely to “lather” because of the water and heat that come into contact.


5. No more washing

Do not wash the hair every day. Washing your hair will remove the oil buildup from your scalp. As a result, your hair will become very dry if you wash it too often. It is recommended to wash your hair routine based on the length, thickness and style of your hair. Or, you can try the dry shampoo.


6. Over-brushing

Excessive brushing causes hair breakage. There will be too much friction if your hair is constantly brushed. You can reduce the frequency with which you brush your hair to avoid breakage.


7. Brushing from top to bottom

Begin to untangle from the bottom and progress gradually. In order to avoid hair breakage, it is better to brush from the bottom up.

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