Do you proudly wear a short square or a pixie cut?

Here are 8 video tutorials to test new hairstyles for the holiday season!


It is not only long and medium-length hair that has the right to fart it at Christmas! With a little imagination and some skillfully placed accessories, a large number of short cuts also allow you to make pretty hairstyles for the holidays.


I offer you a small selection of video tutorials unearthed on YouTube to put joy in your short hair.

6 quick hairstyle ideas to pimp a short bob

Despite appearances, the short square allows for many simple and effective hairstyles. Here are 6 that also have the good taste of being super easy to make.


A false bun for very short hair

Who said that the bun was reserved for medium-long and long hair? Here is a tutorial for creating this type of hairstyle with a short cut.


A false crown of braids for short hair

Some rubber bands, bun clips and a little elbow grease, this is all you will need to make this fake crown of braids for short hair.

A false crown of braids for short hair

A Pompadour on a pixie cut

For a retro look, why not test this hairstyle while volume inspired by the famous Madame de Pompadour?

3 festive hairstyle ideas for bobbed hair

Twisted crown, fuzzy bun or inverted braid, you will find 3 ideas to sublimate your square in this video.

A sophisticated ponytail for short hair

If you are more team tied hair, here is a nice hairstyle and easy to achieve to pimp your ponytail during this holiday season.

3 hairstyle ideas to style a short square

Do you have a hair straightener at home and it gets dusty? Here are 3 hairstyle ideas to spice up a slightly wise short bob.

A braided crown on a pixie cut

If you have a little time (and patience) in front of you, don’t hesitate to test one of these two tutorials to stylize the big wick of your pixie cut.

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