Michelle Soon, from San Francisco, was combing through her newly purchased wigs for the first time last weekend at her local wig shop Epic Cosplay.

Justine also had the opportunity to ask some questions about her experience with Epic Cosplay and her favorite wigs. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming release of her first full-length wig collection.

As someone who is willing to take cosplay a little more seriously, I have a long way to go before I have the confidence to tell other people how to look at each other. But after listening to this amazing girl’s advice, talking to a few cosplay veterans was a great learning experience.

My favorite wig brand is Arda, although I have found pretty good deals on Amazon and eBay, but I am also a big fan of other wig brands, such as Glamour Wigs.

If you want a movie-quality wig but can not justify wearing your cosplay every single one at a time, the Custom Wig Company offers rental. Although the rent can cost a little more than the cost of a normal wig (about $20-30), you can use professional wigs of the upper category to make the best possible shots. If you have to buy two of the same wig at the same time and buy them later, you reduce the risk of your wig falling off in a different shade. The majority of wig sellers on eBay are over-seasonal, so if you use this method, you will always find a wig in the US or Canada.

I suggest buying a ring wig of any color from the company Arda, then you will always know what you get and you can always rent.

A light and simple wig that can be stored in the wig pocket, which you can certainly not crush, but also is not too heavy and heavy for the body.

Next, you always want to look at the inside of the wig, so make sure you have the hat on which the hair is attached. High-quality wigs have clasps on the back that allow you to make sure they fit you well. Some people put them in place with a bobby wig, but if the wig is a bit loose and not too big, you don’t need that. The hook inside the wig, if it fits better, can be adjusted to fit perfectly on your head, and then fastened between the temple and the back of your head.

Make sure that you style your hair so that you do not have unnatural lumps on your wig, and make sure that the hair is styled properly so that you do not have unnatural lumps on your wig.

If your wig gets tangled, dilute a little water and take a liquid fabric softener and spray it on the wig to remove the tangles. Put on a wig hat with a tray that you can keep under control and help straighten the hair.

Speaking of lace wigs, I discovered Webster wigs and the quality of their lace fronts is phenomenal. By wearing a lace band, you can help to get the look you want and get the look you want during your holiday.

The quality of the wigs they wear is similar to Arda’s, but the website navigation is less organized, making it difficult to quickly find what you are looking for. They also have a wide selection of styling tools, making them a great choice for cosplay artists and cosplayers of all ages. Although they have a good collection of cosplay and accessories, as well as a variety of costumes, they are a little meh and a hit – or miss.

I love to try them on to see if the wigs have the right look for my character and see the colors in person. I find that customer photos are often the best indicator of what a wig really looks like, and I love that I get the chance to look at it, see what colors I’m looking for and see it in person!

I also prefer wigs that are heat resistant, heating is the best way to grow hair, but many natural wig sellers want to avoid heating cheap Lolita wigs as much as possible. I don’t always buy my wig at a very expensive price, as I often buy it second-hand and then give it to TLC who take care of it. This makes it easy for me with my budget, and I can know what the previous owner had to say about the wig. Can style, I suck at styling, so I’m always looking for a wig with lots of room for individualization.

I’m a big Arda fan and have a dozen of her classic wigs, but one thing I don’t particularly like: the silky wig I expected from watching the comparison video.

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