When you choose to buy a wig, you don’t always know how to go about it. Rather wig or volumizer?

Rather a natural or synthetic fiber? Which color to choose? How to fix your product? All in all, you should choose a product with which you will feel comfortable in all circumstances. Discover all our tips for making the right choice.


Natural or Synthetic Hair Wig?

Choosing the type of hair to wear is one of the first steps in choosing your future hair.

Do you want natural or synthetic? The choice is often made according to the price of the model.

Generally, natural human hair wig is more costly than synthetic one.


Fibers for volumizers and wigs:

100% synthetic hair is made with high-quality fibers. The fibers are undetectable. They cannot be exposed to heat. They are easy to maintain and your cut hair remains unchanged. No styling effort is necessary with the synthetic fiber, it is very practical.

Like, for example, the synthetic wig which you can find here:


The natural hair is hair 100% human. They are sewn one by one on the wig cap or on the volumizer. These are very high-end models that require careful maintenance. You can heat the fiber with the hairdryer.


Which size to choose?

For both men and women, there are different sizes of wigs. For men, the standard size is between 57 cm and 60 cm.

There are also more size wigs small ( 54 cm ) and large ( 61 cm ), whereby the wig is adjustable to plus or minus 2 cm. The wig is adjustable thanks to the hooks or hooks with elastic bands present inside the hat.

In most cases, a standard size wig should do the trick, but we still recommend that you measure your head size before purchasing your wig. This avoids unpleasant surprises.

Find our advice to correctly measure your head size:


For hair supplements, all sizes are indicated in the product sheets. Some models can be cut along the anti-slip strip.


What comfort for my wig?

Before choosing the right cut, choose the comfort that suits you. Comfort concerns the way your wig or volumizer was made. In general, either by machine (braids) or by hand (each hair carefully is sewn).

There are 6 different comfort levers depending on the model:

Comfort 1✭ Hat in 100% Braids (the most economical)

Confort 2✭ Bonnet with Monofilament parts on the roundabout and 100% Braids

Confort 3✭ Bonnet with Monofilament parts at the level of the Ray and 100% Braids

Comfort 4✭ Monofilament hat on the front and 100% Braids

Comfort 5✭ 100% handmade hat (the model recommended for daily use)

Comfort 6✭ Monofilament hat on the front and 100% are handmade on the back (the most comfortable and light).


If you want to wear your wig every day, we advise you to choose 4✭, 5✭ or 6✭ comfort.

The higher the comfort, the more comfortable the model and the more natural the model will appear. The level of comfort you choose depends on how you want to use your wig.


Which cut to suit my face?

We also advise you to choose a haircut suited to your face and your needs.

If you have a round face, we advise you to opt for a cut that will bring structure to your face. We recommend a cut with height on the top and short on the side. Do not hesitate to trim your square beard, always to structure your face.

Like the Patrick cup from NJ Création Paris which you can discover here :


The oval faces are symmetrical and appropriate for almost all cuts. But the most suitable is a short cut, fairly classic with the volume on top.

If you have a rectangular face, you need a hairstyle that breaks the length of your face. Avoid the long beard, it lengthens your face. Also avoid cutting short on the sides, so as to create volume and width.

As for example the Eric cup from Ellen Wille:


The triangular face needs volume. If you bring the volume to the side and on top of your face, it will bring him the depth. We also advise you to wear the beard close or shaved, since it is better to give volume at the top rather than at the bottom.

Depending on the model you choose, you can call on a specialist hairdresser to adjust your cut. This is optional.

If you want to wear your wig every day, we advise you to cut the hair you have underneath or wear an under-cap so that the wig is more comfortable to wear.


Which color to choose?

Choosing the color of your wig is important. There are mainly different shades of chestnut, brown, white and gray for men.

If you choose hair with highlights or highlights, it will look more natural.


Wear a hair supplement

If you have alopecia or partial baldness, you may decide to choose a volumizer rather than a full wig. The partial hair wig allows you to replace part of the hair and thus associate it with your own hair, most of the time, the hair at the back of the skull.

In this case, we advise you to first choose your volumizer then go to the hairdresser to cut your hair to the desired length and dye it if necessary.

If you choose a natural volumizer, you will be able to dye it directly. If the color of the volumizer and that of your hair are the same, no question to ask.

Discover our selection of natural volumizers here

If you choose a synthetic hair prosthesis, you will not be able to dye it. So choose a color that is closest to your natural color. More than 30 colors exist.

Discover here our selection of synthetic volumizing


How to fix your wig or hair complement?

To fix your wig or volumizer, different techniques exist.

Firstly, if your wig slips, tighten it with the adjustable straps on the side of the cap and wear a cap under your wig, it will certainly help you feel more comfortable.

Like for example this Ellen Wille bamboo beanie

If you feel the need to attach your wig, you can use glue, tape or sewing clips on the side of the hat.

There are different types of double-sided adhesives: rolls, cut-outs, strips or round patches. They allow maintaining your wig all day.


If you want your wig to be fixed for several days, you can use the bio bond adhesive (red), which will hold your wig for 2 to 6 days . If you want a longer hold, from 2 to 4 weeks, you can opt for the long-lasting adhesive roll. It is also designed for sports (the second).

If you want a permanent fixture, you can add clips to your wig. You can glue or sew them directly on the cap of your wig. It will be enough during the installation to block the clips in your hair to ensure better support.



There are also anti-slip films to cut and glue or sew on the cap of your wig so that it does not move. You can find it here :

As for glue, there are also different kinds. The glue, the light glue or the permanent glue.



How to maintain your wig or hair supplement?

To keep your wig or volumizer as long as possible so that it is beautiful and well maintained, it should be washed fairly regularly, usually every 10 days.

For synthetic hair, we advise you to use a shampoo, a treatment, and a conditioner to clean it every 10 days.

It should be soaked in cold water with the shampoo and not rub it. Repeat the same action for the care and apply the oil for the ends and condition it when the wig is on its head.


For natural hair, wash the wig on a polystyrene head and gently massage it with shampoo. Then rinse under the shower and repeat the operation with care (also called balsam). We strongly recommend that you use a shampoo, treatment, and conditioner for natural hair.



For styling your wig or volumizer, you must use correct products for synthetic or natural hair.

We recommend using the styling gel from Gisela Mayer to structure your hairstyles or the styling cream gel from Ellen Wille, suitable for wigs with synthetic hair and wigs with natural hair.


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