The first time is exciting, but never easy.

Thus, it is important to do a little research before you buy the first wig.

Otherwise, you risk having a tedious experience and improper wig.

It is important to consider the following things carefully to choose the ideal wig.

Now, I present to you, the 2020 buying guide for your first wig.


1. The places and occasions in which you will wear your wig


Think of on what occasions you will wear that wig.

Say, you want to buy a wig for dating with your crush, or a prom or a business meeting, think of a natural wig so as not to be the center of attention.

Indeed, a bright, bright red wig might not be ideal, in such cases. And I would recommend a human hair wig for such cases.

With a natural wig, you will blend in with the crowd without being noticed. I understand that not everyone is buying wigs for fashion. Sometimes we just don’t want to be noticed, right?

You should know that if you choose a natural wig that is not far from your own style, you will have less trouble and anxiety wearing it for the first time.

choose your first wig

2. The frequency and hours of wearing a wig


As said before, there are certain wigs that go with certain times of the day. So, to go to a disco do not choose a common wig.

Think of a wig that makes you look sexy.

On the other hand, if you have a hair problem requiring you to always wear your wig, you should choose a light and comfortable wig.

Prefer a natural wig to avoid worries related to sweating.

Comfort is a determining factor in choosing a wig to wear all day, whether in winter or summer.


3. The price you are willing to pay to buy your wig


I would not say that an expensive wig is always of better quality. But it will make you feel more comfortable.

If you are willing to spend a fortune on a wig, do it.

But be aware that there are very good quality wigs at reasonable prices and even in natural hair.

The point here is that you should buy your first wig from a renowned store, as renowned stores always sell high quality wigs at reasonable prices.


4. The type of wig you want to buy


Everyone knows that there are mainly two popular types of wigs commonly used.

These are synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.

Synthetic wigs are made of artificial synthetic fibers such as dynel, nylon, etc. However, natural hair wigs are made with human hair. You can read this human hair wig buying guide to learn more.

So, among natural hair wigs, there are several qualities that affect the price: the size of the hair diameter, the presence, and orientation of the cuticles, if the hair coming from the same head or not, the type of treatment undergone by the hair, the quality of the cap, etc.

You should know that if the orientation of the cuticles is the same, then disentangling and brushing will be easier.

Also, it depends on where you want to wear your first wig. If you plan to wear it for parties, cosplay, or just for fun, the synthetic wig would be better. Because you can find various styles and colors in synthetic wigs. However, if the wig is for serious occasions or daily use, human hair wig is recommended.


5. The maintenance time you have for your wig


Natural hair requires more maintenance than synthetic hair does.

This means you should consider the time you have spare to maintain your wig before choosing your wig.

Indeed, there is no point in spending a fortune on a natural human hair wig that you are not going to maintain.

In this case, opt for a synthetic wig.

However, if you have ample time to maintain your wig and the means to get it, then go for a wig made of real human hair.


6. Length, color, style, etc.


After making the decisions about the frequency of wearing, the type of wig, the destination, etc., now is the time to choose the color, style, and length of the wig you want to buy.

When it comes to style, it should go with the shape of your face.

Here is an infographic for your reference:

how to choose your first wig

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People with a long face should not choose a long straight wig, as it can make their face look longer.

If you have a round face, a short, straight wig style would not be ideal.

Indeed, it can make your face round and fuller.

The length of the wig you want depends on what you want and what is best for you.

For color, it depends on the occasions for which you wear your wig.

There are several colors of wigs for synthetic hair, but for natural hair, there are only the original hair colors.

But, in the latter type of wigs, you can color them in the color of your choice for a perfect style.

For people who suffer from hair concerns, the choice of the first wig is decisive.

If it will be worn all the time, you must consider factors such as comfort, exposure to light, climate and so many other factors for a durable wig.




I hope this list of things to consider for choosing your first wig is not exhaustive.

Overall, if it is a synthetic wig, you need to consider the comfort and the occasion for which you want to wear it.

And if it is a natural hair wig, you have to be careful.

And all types of wig require serious maintenance after each wash for the wig’s durability.


Do you have other questions or things you want me to clear up? Leave your comment so I can see them!


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