How to choose your man wig?

When we talk about a man’s wig, we must make the distinction between the hair complement which is put on the skull and the total hair replacement also called full wig or full lace wig which covers the entire scalp.

To choose your hair wig for men, 3 elements are essential:

1. Select the cap or the base of your hair supplement
2. Calculate your measurements
3. Choose your hair (material, density ….)


1. Choosing the cap for your wig

There are several types of cap with their advantages and disadvantages.
The most common wig caps are:

A. The micro skin wig

It is a thin poly film which has a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 mm depending on the model.The micro skin wig is recommended in case you style your hair forward.

It is also recommended if you want to keep your wig long enough because it is solid. Its disadvantage is that in high heat, you may sweat a little more than usual.

B. The nano skin wig

It is a thin poly film which has a thickness of 0.4 to 0.6 mm depending on the model. It is the same model as the micro skin wig in much finer.

Therefore, it merges with your scalp and becomes “invisible”. The major drawback is the fragility of the nano skin which has a lifespan of 1 to 2 months.

C. The lace wig

It is very fine lace and is undetectable. Several stars wear one such as John Travolta for example. This lace is recommended in case you are styling your hair back because the front line is natural and undetectable. Likewise, it is very comfortable and your scalp is well ventilated.

D. The lace wig with U-

shaped outline It is simply a lace wig with a poly U-shaped outline. This type of wig allows you to have an undetectable frontal line and a reinforced hold.

E. The lace wig with O-

This is a lace wig with an O-shaped poly-shaped outline. This type of wig combines the advantages of the lace wig and the micro skin wig. It only has advantages (strength, hold, ventilation …..) if you do not comb your hair back.

These hair supplement hats for men are the most frequently ordered by our customers. However, you can order a hat at your convenience depending on the feasibility of the product.


2. Calculate the measurements for your wig

The male hair supplements in stock measure 25cm * 20cm and you can cut them to your measure. The advantage of his wigs is the fact that they are quickly available (7 to 10 working days).

If you order a custom wig (7 to 8 weeks delay), you will have to communicate your measurements to us. There are 2 measures for a hair complement and 6 measures for a full lace wig.


For a male hair supplement:

Measure 1

Place 3 to 4 fingers from your eyebrows and mark with a point, this will be the start of your frontal line. Measure from this point to your real hair. This measure 1 will be the length of your hair prosthesis

Measure 2

Measure across the width from the start of your real hair. This measurement 2 will be the width of your hair prosthesis.

Another solution is to provide us with a fingerprint. In this case, bring a transparent film, an adhesive and a scissor then follow this video.

For a full wig (valid for both a male and a female wig). The 6 measures to indicate to us are:

Finally, to finish with the measurements, you can customize your front contour according to the models below.


3. Choose the hair for your wig

The hair of our hair supplements is by default Indian hair (Indian remy hair) which is the best natural hair.
But if you wish, the choice of hair can be at your convenience in synthetic hair or other natural hair (Chinese hair, Indonesian ..).

You can also add gray hair to your liking (for your information, gray hair is always synthetic).


A. The natural hair color of your wig

You will find below a color chart of the natural hair colors for wigs. However, these colors may vary from one screen to another.

To be sure of your color, you can either send us a lock of hair or order a color chart.

B. The density of the hair of your wig

The density of the hair of your wig can be according to your choice light, medium, provided or other.

50% Extra Light (Extra light hair)
80% Light (Light hair)
100% Light Medium (Medium-light hair)
120% Medium (Medium hair)
150% Heavy Medium (Hair provided)
180% Heavy (Hair very provided)

C. The cutting style of your wig

D. The waving of the hair of your wig

The natural hair of your wig can be waved to your liking according to the charter below:
1. Straight hair
2a. Very little wavy hair
2b. Slightly wavy hair
2c. Medium wavy hair
3a. Wavy hair
3b. Very wavy hair
3c. Slightly curly hair
4a. Very curly hair
4b. Afro Hair

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