To get started in making a clip in hair extension you need to have the right tools and supplies. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Hair Supply
  •  Monofilament Material
  • Ventilator Holder & Needle
  • Wig Making Head Block
  •  Plastic Thread
  • Trim Ribbon
  • Comb Clips
  • Wig T-pins
  •  Wire Wig Combs
  •  Cleaning Solvents
  • Hair Care Chemicals

Once you get the supplies you need you can now learn how to make clip in hair extension. The process can be tedious but it is not usually difficult. It can be very time consuming. You need good eyes and a steady hand. Magnifying glasses may be a help to you.


Select hair in the desired lengths using 1″ to 2″ width Weft (hand or machine sewn hair strips) strips. You may want to wash the hair strips with a gentle shampoo before use. Let dry completely before using. Fold the Weft hair in half so that the ends are touching. Put the adhesive on the end of the Weft strip that is sewn. Let the adhesive dry thoroughly.


Once the extension is fully dried sew the glued end of the Weft strip to a hair clip of the right size for that strip, usually medium or large is used for this size of strip. Put the adhesive on the Weft strip and apply it securely to the clip. Let this dry well.


Now you can style the hair extensions. You would take each extension and pin it to a head block. Then you can set each extension with curlers and then style as desired. The extensions can be washed and restyled as desired.


This is the easy guide on how to make clip in hair extension. It is a fairly easy process and it can save you a lot of money if you use them. It can also earn you money once you are good at making them, because you can sell them to beauty shops and other people who where them.


The main thing is to start out with quality supplies when making these hair extensions. Take your time and let each step process and dry before beginning the next step. Try to keep the bulk as thin as possible at the seam line. This will make the extension lay better against the scalp when they are put in the hair.


You should also tell the people that buy your hair extensions how to care for them. It does not take more than a well typed up paper to give them a guide to follow. You can also have them brought back to you for restyling if the customer wants the

extensions straight rather than curly or wavy. Many feel uncomfortable doing it themselves and would rather pay money for someone else to do it for them. Many may never have used them, and they might need help learning how to put them in, or may ask you to do it for an extra charge.


There are many synthetic types of hair that you can learn how to make clip in hair extension with. There is also real hair that you can use. The synthetics are made so good these days that you cannot tell the difference. Make sure that you use the best quality that you can find. Hand sewn Wefts are flatter at the seam than machine sewn ones. They can both be good quality, just make sure to watch the bulk at the seams.


Once you have this down to an art, you can start teaching others how to make clip in hair extension and make money doing that. The possibilities are endless for the right person who is motivated and hard working.

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