Recently I stumbled across this tutorial on how to restore a synthetic lace wig and give it life. You can do that by acting like a stiff old plastic wig, which many of us are.

This method will help to revive a synthetic wig by trimming and cutting it off. Take the wig to a hairdresser who knows a lot about cutting hairpieces and see what can be done to revive it.

If you are not comfortable trying this method, see a professional wig stylist to help you style your wig. If you can’t get used to heat – curling synthetic hair or styling a wig – you can take it to any wig shop and have it done.

Today, Haith, our hair expert, will detail how to restore and revive curls in human hair and wigs. I hope you are excited to read this post, as it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to bring your old hair weave wig back to life! Hopefully, you will learn more about this hair care method and know that you can save a lot of money and use your curly wig for years! Let me know if you use this method to keep your hair frizz-free and confused in the comments below.

If you decide to try this, consider it a scientific experiment that can lead to your wig being resuscitated or completely destroyed. If your synthetic hair can stand the heat, then you can use a low heat iron to style it more, but if your higher quality synthetic lace wig can be brought to 400 degrees heat, then try ironing before styling so it needs a little heat.

If your frizzy wig is heat resistant, try untangling it with a heating tool, but if not, try untangling it without a heating tool. Finally, make sure you do not use heat on your synthetic wigs, otherwise the fibers will quickly get damaged and possibly melt.

When you choose a heater, make sure your synthetic wig is heat resistant and heat-friendly. If you heat your plastic wig, you will need at least two heaters, one for the wig itself and the other for insulating your wig.

If you add a conditioner to your wig, let the product dry in the air for optimal results. If the wig is synthetic, remove the roll and apply a styling spray. Use a hair dryer or roller until it is dry, and then spray a medium on it to make your curls look best. Because wigs are like human hair, they do not cause any damage to hair or skin, so if they are synthetic, please have them removed from a roller, but not too much.

This part of the process ensures that your wig with curly hair lasts as long as possible and helps you achieve a fantastic look. With the right care and care you can keep your wig indefinitely.

The good news is that you can save your hair as long as the structure of your wig weaving is still in good shape. It is best to replace the wig’s hairclip and take care of it properly next time.

Have a good washing routine for your synthetic wig and know how to wash it so you don’t need it when the washing time comes. It is a bad idea not to wash synthetic wigs at least once a week if not more than once every two weeks.

Dry your wig with a towel to remove excess water and store it on a wig stand with a mannequin. If washing the wig can dry and strain the hair, wash it again if necessary, which will probably dry naturally every 8 days and then every two weeks.

Again, not much product is required to care for a synthetic wig. Therefore, apply a small product and then spray a silicone oil based on the natural hair color and hair structure of your wig or a synthetic oil on the wig until it is completely dry, usually overnight.

If you want to know how to shampoo a real hair wig properly, click here. If you are not able to style well, I encourage you to find, have and maintain a wig professional near you. Wigs are an investment and these tools should be the number one investment method you use when it comes to reviving old wigs and hair weaves. Enjoy and help learn what you can and cannot touch with your synthetic wig.

If you have a curly wig made of synthetic material and don’t want to plump up the curls by trying to brush them dry, it doesn’t work. It is best to let your curly wig dry in a dry stand and dry it naturally, giving it frizzy hair by blow-drying. If you’re doing this to blow dry someone’s hair, you should use a wig comb to detangle the hair before you hook with one handhold and dry. Once the wig is completely subdued and cooled to normal temperature, continue with your straightener. A plastic wig should never be used with heat, even if it is only for a short time.

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