Natural frizzy hair is wonderful and offers a lot of possibilities when pampered. Here are tips for taking care of it.

Find a care routine for your natural frizzy hair

How to wash natural frizzy hair type 4a, 4b or 4c?

Do not wash your hair too often: space your shampoo at least once a week, depending on the regularity with which the sebum spreads through your hair.


Prefer a shampoo suitable for dry or very dry and frizzy hair, which you can get in stores specializing in the sale of Afro products or in certain supermarkets offering products dedicated to natural frizzy hair.

Before washing them, remember to untangle them from the tip to the roots because wet knots are a guaranteed disaster!

Nourishing natural care for naturally frizzy hair

There are many natural oils beneficial for frizzy hair, which do not always support the chemicals present in hair products sold in supermarkets.

Natural oils are most often a great way to nourish your hair while avoiding aggression.

Avocado oil helps keep your hair healthy thanks to vitamins A, B, C, and D that make it up.

Olive oil is one of the most nourishing oils for dry hair. It also fights dandruff and protects against lice.

Coconut oil protects and softens dry hair. It deeply nourishes the hair by directly penetrating the hair shaft. It is also very effective against lice.

Wheat germ oil is intended for very dry, brittle and damaged hair, which it repairs.

Always apply a suitable conditioner that you can replace with a mask, preferably homemade . The frequency of the mask is to be adapted to your needs.


Where to buy natural frizzy hair care products?

The stores selling products for naturally frizzy hair offer a wide choice of products at a low cost.

In Paris, they are mainly grouped at the exit of the Château d’Eau or Château Rouge metro, but each major city has its good addresses!

Some supermarkets also offer a suitable department if you do not have access to an Afro shop. In this case, you can also use internet shopping.


My tips for avoiding breakage of natural frizzy hair

Oils that prevent hair breakage

There are also several natural oils that prevent hair from breaking and that promote regrowth.

Apply them by massaging your scalp directly!

All over the web, French and Anglo-Saxon bloggers and hairdressers praise the merits of castor oil with a high content of fatty oxyacid.

Castor oil ( castor oil in English) helps promote hair growth and thicken it.

Jojoba oil is known to stop hair loss. Do not abuse it on dry hair, since it limits the production of sebum.

Carapate oil, on the other hand, makes hair shiny and less brittle, deeply nourishes it, gives it strength and vitality.

Grapeseed oil is ideal for fine hair, and helps limit breakage while nourishing the hair fiber.

All these oils are easily found in organic stores.

Adopt the right actions

According to , natural Afro hair grows a little slower than “European” and “Asian” hair which still gives a growth of almost 1cm per month!

Yet many people feel that their hair is not growing.

It is the fault of the famous shrinkage. The more the hair grows in a corkscrew, the less noticeable the growth will be; by its nature, afro hair tends to break at the tips.

To avoid this phenomenon, never sleep without having tied or braided your hair at the risk of finding them full of knots in the morning. Prefer to sleep with a silk scarf or on a silk pillowcase.



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