Human hair wigs are regarded as a more versatile hair replacement substitute. If you have a large budget — as they are usually pricier, they can last a lot longer than other kinds of wigs.

They additionally simply tend to look even more natural as you wear them because of their higher quality texture and feel.

If you are planning to buy a human hair wig, I hope this buying guide would inspire you to make better decisions.


What is Human Hair Wigs


As the name indicated, a human hair wig is made of real human hair, through manual crocheting. The hair is knotted on the wig cap, as naturally as possible.

This wig type provides the most natural look and feels, together with one of the most styling flexibility.

There are four basic kinds of human hair utilized in wigs: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and also European/Caucasian.


Most wigs are made from Oriental hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (system of excellence) which leads to the hair being very straight. It is a bit extra resistant to curl as well as can consequently be harder to style.

Indonesian hair is discovered in better supply and also is less pricey– it can typically be found in ethnic design wigs.

Indian hair has thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more apparent.

European hair is sought after for its great denier. However, because of its progressively limited supply in the industry, it is a lot more expensive.

They additionally simply tend to look even more natural as you wear them because of their higher quality texture and feel.


Human Wigs Pros and Cons


Human Wigs Pros & Cons

  • Styling Versatility: Human hair wigs can be tinted, permed as well as styled like what can be done with your own hair. Remember that it is necessary to take your wig to a stylist that is experienced in taking care of human hair wigs if you need a new hairstyle.
  • Texture: There is a wide range of texture of human hair, so you can select your favorite one easily.
  • Long life: With correct care, human hair wigs can last a year or more when used daily.
  • Highly natural Look: Human hair wigs feel excellent and look exceptionally natural.
  • Make you feel more comfortable.
  • Protect your own hair: You don’t need to have the fear of damaging your hair.
  • Restore Confidence: As human hair wigs are normally the closest substitute for real hair, they are usually undetected which boosts the wearer’s self-assurance and self-esteem.
  • Maintenance: Much like our own hair, human hair wigs require maintenance, such as regular cleaning, deep-conditioned.
  • Price: Because they are collected from human hair, they are usually expensive.
  • Color Variant: It is hard to replicate a precise color when you change a human hair wig.
  • Subject to Weather: Like your own hair, human hair wigs would have some issues due to the weather condition. They could be frizzy, limp or completely dry.
  • Fragile: The hair will certainly get harmed if subjected to harsh cleaning, back-combing or overuse of heating tools.
  • Weight: Human hair wigs are heavier.
  • Styling: Human hair wigs need more time and effort to style. And you need an experienced hairstylist to do you a favor.


What is your budget?


Of course, price matters! And your budget plan should be taken into consideration picking a wig. Collecting good quality human hair is not easy work. Even though there are many donors, good quality human hair is hard to come by.

After the hair is collected, it needs to be sanitized to produce a particular pattern. When better chemicals and more artistic processing are used, the human hair wigs would be of higher quality and therefore, comes a higher price.


Did I buy a real human wig?


Pick a small strand of human wig and burn it.

First, you would smell something like “barbecue,” if you are burning real human hair, and you would smell plastic if you burn synthetic wigs.

Then touch the burnt ash. If it feels or looks like powders, it is real.

Yes, trust your nose and hand, not the salesman.


How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?


Although human hair wigs can be a costly pick, with the correct care, they can last 1 to 3 years.

Then it comes to the next part: how to make correct care:


Human Hair Wigs Maintenance


Real human wigs are soft, resilient and somewhat fragile. Thus, they need decent care. Since Willy Clarkson expanded his business and technique, we are told to maintain our human hair wigs in the right way.

wash human hair wigs

Wash your wigs every one to two months. Don’t use hot water. You can also apply a tiny drop of mild shampoo.

Then comb the shampoo through the hair, from top to bottom. Do not rub the hair or scalp as you would do with your very own.

Carefully use a few of the soapy water to the inside of the cap. Do not scrub it.

Rinse again with water to get rid of excess shampoo.

Finally, blot hair with a towel.

And here are bonus tips:

Do not use hairspray like gel water.

Do not use flat iron too often (and we do not use hot water to clean the wigs, remember?).


Human Hair Wigs Types


There are so many types of human hair wigs in the market. Such as human hair lace front wigs, human hair wigs with bangs, straight, curly, etc. Even though human hair wigs require extra effort to style, you can find what you like in wig stores.

human hair wigs

Where will you use your wig?


The weather could affect a human hair wig negatively, causing strands to frizz or go limp.

If you live in a hot and damp environment, human hair wigs may not be your first choice. Say, you regularly put on a human hair wig outdoors in the sunshine, it can cause color fading.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in these environments. You need to be more careful if you really like human hair wigs in such situations.


Do you wear wigs frequently?


Using your human hair wig less frequently will prolong its lifespan. The more frequently you wear them, the more often you have to wash them.

Cleaning, washing and combing will lower a human hair wig’s lifespan. However, if the wig is worn daily and well looked after, it can last a year or more.


Bottom Line


Human hair wigs are by far the superior option if the quality is your only consideration.

Aside from the cost, the major disadvantage to human hair wigs is required maintenance. However, the pros are very prominent: naturality, which gives you more confidence, and longer lifespan. It would be the best wigs if you have a full wallet.

The human hair wigs:

  • Look most natural and comfortable
  • Have the most styling versatility
  • Require careful maintenance (follow the care recommendations in the article to get the optimal lifespan from your hair!)
  • Have a higher price tag
  • Are the highest quality human hair available
  • Are the most durable hair type

It does take a bit more effort … but it’s worth it!


I hope you enjoy this human hair wigs buying guide. Please leave your comment below, let me know your opinion on human hair wigs.



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