Keratin is more and more used by hairdressers in skincare, to be done in the salon: I tested one for you, just to see what Keratin could have in the belly.

Tempted by a Keratin treatmentBeyond the simple Brazilian straightening, many Keratin treatments now exist, promising stronger and repaired hair. So I tested the Bô-toxe care from Kérat-in . What does it give?


What is a keratin treatment?


You probably have to know the Brazilian smoothing with keratin: by “sheathing” the hair with pure keratin, it softens naturally and therefore becomes smoother . In addition, the straightening makes it possible to strengthen the hair fiber very deeply. Now, hairdressers also offer repair treatments with keratin, fairly sophisticated and supposed to give “life” to the most abused hair. The treatment I tested is therefore called the Kérat-in bo-toxin: it involves sheathing the hair with keratin, without smoothing or softening it. Basically, keratin fills the “holes” caused by the chemical aggressions that the hair undergoes and repairs them more deeply than a simple hair care after shampooing .


How does a keratin treatment take place?


The mode of operation is quite simple: the hairdresser sets the product strand by strand (it is more or less a paste) after making a shampoo, wraps the hair in transparent film (like food cellophane) and then comes put on a heated helmet for the equivalent of a large quarter of an hour. It rinses, dries, and it’s over! The one I tested at Kérat-in lasted roughly half an hour. Quite fast and convenient.

What are the results of a keratin treatment?


My hair was, before the treatment rather dry and a little damaged: I come out of a long period of bleaching galore, and I put a coloring with ammonia every month. I don’t do oil baths because I find it very unpleasant (oh yes whip me), but I use conditioners and masks very regularly. Clearly, even with my consequent care, my hair was still a bit rough and lacking in material: complete bleaching necessarily damages the hair.
After two sessions of keratin bo-tox, my hair was very soft, plump (I noticed more volume), very shiny (the treatment revived the reflections of my coloring)and the tips were in much better condition. Everyone was unanimous on the texture of my hair: “doll hair”. In the long run, they stayed really invigorated for a good month. The keratin and sodium-free products can prolong the result quite effectively. In any case, they found material: my buns are more provided, a sign that does not deceive.


How much does keratin cost?

There are currently several on the market, but hairdressers charge different prices.

– At Kérat-inthe bô-toxe treatment is 200 € for 4 sessions (to be done every 15 days): it is about the price of a Brazilian smoothing, but over the duration (I remind you that the treatment keratin does not smooth hair).
– At Fabio Salsa, the repairing treatment with keratin costs € 17 per session.

And you, tempted by Keratin treatments or not at all?


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