With so many online wigs store our there, we are overwhelmed by the websites that sell wigs.

And today, I will take a look at LunaWigs.com and share a Luna Wigs review with you.

In order to have a full experience, I and one friend of mine purchased one short wig form Luna.

You will know how is Luna Wigs about their products, shipping, customer service and more.

Let’s see what happened.


Why you need this review


You may notice there are thousands of online vendors who sell wigs.

As a hairstylist, I worked with some trustworthy sellers that provide great wigs, reasonable prices, and solid quality.

But that’s offline trading — I deal with the sellers in person and I can touch the wigs they show me.

When go find wigs online, one doesn’t have that “privilege”.

So, my friends, you need to read reviews on wigs before making your decision when you see attractive wigs online.


Shipping and Delivery


According to the website, the processing time takes 48 hours, tops.

As for delivering time, it differs, depends on your location. LunaWigs fulfill the delivery in the USA with express shipping for 5-12 days. And this is quite a long time, right? And the UK express shipping takes 3-7 days.

Other nations would take 12-20 days. So if I live outside America, good luck with your package!

Then, the shipping fee charges 5.99 USD but you can have free shipping for orders over $39.

But you have to be aware that most of products are below $20, which means you should at least order 2 wigs for free shipping.




Surprisingly, they seem to only sell short wigs and all synthetic wigs. So if you are looking for human hair wigs, you are out.

As mentioned above, the price is not intimidating.

luna wigs products

But that is not a big problem.

Then what the problem is?

The product pages have no introduction on caps, the details of that wig whatsoever.

So you may be confused, or even misguided by the picture there. But this is just an assumption, we need evidence.

And my friend bought one so I can check it out, for this luna wigs review.

luna wigs short

As you can see, the color is much dimmer than the picture from the website. Looks like a bird nest, isn’t it?

The purchase is nothing like the pictures and this wig looks like it has a baby doll fake plastic scalp or something.

I won’t bother wearing it.

And the cap is a little detached from the hairline. What a flaw!


Customer Service


Sadly, there is only one contact information listed on the website:

Email : info@lunawigs.com

And one address from China: Quke Department 3-301 Room Number, Qianjin 2nd Road No. 96, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Now you understand why the delivery takes that amount of time.




Ok, now we have a disappointing wig, an email, and one address. Let’s see if we can send it back.

The return policy saying:

To be eligible for a return, your thing needs to be extra and in the same problem that you obtained it. It needs to likewise be in the original product packaging. To finish your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Please do not send your acquisition back to the supplier.

Me and my friends just tried to follow the rules, took pictures to the customer service and returned it.

Okay, I would not send it back to the supplier, as the policy says. However, I got no information about where and how to return the wig from them.

I mean, where is your store exactly?

They also responded late in emails and have no Facebook contacts. We are stuck with something we will never wear for weeks.

And I won’t give it to any of my friends or customers in the studio, because it is just embarrassing.


Wrap it Up

Luna WigsReviews
ProductsNot as described in the product pages. Kinda misleading.
ShippingTakes 2 days to process and 5~10 days to deliver. Ship from China
Customer ServiceOnly email and Facebook contact.
ReturnsTakes a lot time to deal with returns, and no clear address to return the product.
Final WordsNot recommended.



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