If you want to buy a wig for yourself, the remy hair wig will never let you down. It may be best for you because it is made from natural human hair from a single donor and is kept intact. You can also perm or dye your remy hair wig to change the color or style. However, if you want to extend the life of your hair, you need to take care of it and brush and wash it regularly to make it healthy, strong and smooth.

It is very easy to take care of your remy hair wig. All you need is just a hairbrush, shampoo and moisturizer, and a few hair ties. The first step you need to do twice a day is to brush your wig. This can keep your hair remy without tangling. The Remy hair wig should also be brushed early in the morning after getting up and before going to bed at night, as you would do for your hair routine.

When you shower, you can also wash your remy hair wig by the way. Remember to brush it with a bristle brush beforehand so that the shampoo and conditioner can distribute evenly and reduce friction.

Then put the conditioner on your dry hair wig without rinsing before using the shampoo. It can also prevent tangles. Always use a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair to make your wig look better. Although your wig can extract the oil from your scalp, it is not directly connected. So you need to add extra oil to make it smooth and healthy.

As a normal hair wash routine, you can simply wash, use the conditioner again and rinse your hair, but remember to use a comb or finger to brush your remy hair wig only and never wash it. ball or smooth, which would make it tangled.

After all the washing, the only thing to do is to dry it before going to bed. You can use the electric fan for quick drying of your hair, since human hair can be heated by any means. To avoid tangles, you can also tie the wig but make sure it is perfectly dry. Keep in mind that sleeping with a wet wig will lead to intensive tangling and will affect the keeping of the remy wig.

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