• A fairly long wig (= wig) (a dread reduces the length by about 1/4).
  • A foam head (also purchased from Arda Wigs),
  • A fine comb (the teeth must be tightened),
  • Clips and elastic to hold the hair,
  • A straightening iron,
  • A bowl of water,
  • A small cloth,
  • His feet…

And eventually :

  • An extension: for me, a “Long Weft” in Dark Brown (076),
  • Sewing thread,
  • A needle,
  • Pins.



We start by delimiting the locations of the dreads by making braids. To do this, I fix the wig on my foam head using pins. I start with the circumference of the face because this is where the dreads will be most visible.

NB: By forming braids, we also prevent the wig from getting tangled when handling it.

Braided wig
Braided wig


  • I wedge the wig on my foot, and I start with the dreads from below (the least visible).
  • I undo the braid, then I crepe it with a comb. I wrap it slightly, then re-pancake and so on, until I get a very tangled and fairly compact wick.
  • Finally, I turn it in my hands to form the dread, I tighten it as much as possible then I block it by attaching the tip to my other foot (I wrap it around my toe).Braid wigCrepe wigRe-crepe wigCurly braided wig


  • Once the dread is formed and well attached between my two feet, I soak and wring a cloth in a bowl of water, then I place it around my dread (starting at the root).
  • I pass my straightening iron over it to fix the dread, I move my cloth, iron my straightening iron, I re-move the cloth and so on to the tip. Obviously, as soon as the cloth is dry, I dip it again…
  • Several passes may be necessary for the dread to be blocked.
  • We repeat steps 2 and 3 for each dread.Braided wet clothDreadlock chiffonDreadlock straightening ironDreadlock finale
Wig with dreadlocks


After having gathered all the hair to form the dreads, it is possible that holes appear at the base of the wig (personally I have one on each side).
We will use extensions to remedy this problem.

  • Prepare the extensions: the extension comes in the form of a “garland” of hair. I cut 2 pieces so that I can form 2 dreads.
  • I form the 2 dreads by repeating steps 2 and 3.
  • I lift the hair with pliers to clear the holes.
  • I sew the dread on the base of the wig with a needle and a brown thread.
  • We lower the hair … and presto! neither seen nor known.Wig holesExtensionsExtension en dreadlockCouture dreadlockDreadlocks wigDreadlocks wig and extensions


1. Rings

  • I chose to make my rings myself by forming Worbla tubes around a pen (thinner than the dread but not too much to be able to put it on).
  • We decorate (borders, reliefs, etc.), then we paint.

2. Color wire

  • For my part, I chose embroidery thread (a little thick) of various red / orange shades.

3. Apply

The rings are threaded to the desired height.

  • For the thread: with a needle I pass the thread through the dread, I turn around to form my decoration, then I tie a knot at the end.WorkplanWorbla ringsWig accessoriesWig son



Dreadlocks wig
Wig dreadlocks

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