What if you took advantage of confinement to give your hair a good bath of oil? Here are some tips based on your hair type.

The oil bath for hair is a simple and economical way to restore pep’s, crunchiness and greed to your hair. If you want to take advantage of this period of confinement to take care of your lengths and scalp, here are some tips that might be useful for you.

How to make my oil bath at home?

To offer an oil bath to your queen’s hair, simply coat your hair with vegetable oil (or a mixture of several varieties) from roots to tips. Once the lengths are well impregnated, you can cover your head with cling film, a hot towel or even a bathing cap to allow the oil to penetrate the hair fiber well.

For the exposure time, it’s up to you to see depending on the condition of your hair and your requirements for the day. In general, it is advisable to let the oil bath take between one hour and overnight. Once the treatment is finished, you just need to wash your hair with one (or more, depending on the oil used), and leave your head to air dry.

The oil bath for dry and damaged hair

If your hair is coarse like straw and breaks at the slightest brush, an oil bath will do them the greatest good! Many vegetable oils rich in lipids such as avocado, argan, borage or almond are particularly suited to the needs of dry and damaged lengths.

Well, afterwards, if your tips are really in a bad state, no treatment can bring them back to life and you will surely have to cut a few centimeters once the confinement is finished.

The oil bath for curly hair

To be toned and well defined, curls have a great need for hydration. To restore tone to your hair, you can therefore coat lengths with a sheathing oil such as broccoli, piqui, or pracaxi.

If your hair is on the frizzy side of strength, coconut, shea, Abyssinian and grapeseed oils will be more suitable.

The oil bath for colored hair

Colored hair is a real headache: often damaged by chemicals, it deserves to be coated with plump vegetable oils. The concern is that too rich oils tend to wash out the color by peeling off the pigments, so you have to pay attention to the composition of your bath.

In order not to be mistaken, you can opt for black cumin, macadamia, castor and olive oils, which are all four recommended to restore suppleness to the hair without tarnishing its shine.

The oil bath for oily hair

When you have hair that grows back quickly, the idea of coating it with oil can seem counterproductive. But what a lady! If the roots, already well impregnated by the excess sebum produced by the scalp, do not actually need to be polished more, the lengths and ends are often drier and deserve a little attention.

In order to regain a little flexibility and shine, you just need to coat your hair about fifteen centimeters from your roots. And for the choice of oil, it’s up to you to see according to your needs: avocado for dry hair, macadamia for colored hair or even broccoli for fine hair.

The oil bath to regulate the scalp

Itching, dandruff, overheating, tightness, sebaceous glands that get excited … When the scalp is irritated, nothing goes right!

To comfort him and help him regulate himself, you can offer him an oil bath just for him: just concentrate the application of the oil to the roots and massage your skull for a few minutes with the pulp of your fingers to optimize the distribution of the product and activate the micro-circulation of the skin.

Neem, hemp, jojoba, castor oil … A large number of vegetable oils can give your scalp a little boost, even if you should not hesitate to consult a dermatologist (even in teleconsultation!) If the inconvenience continues.

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