To choose the right wig, it’s essential to identify your needs. Would you like a wig out of a fantasy or out of necessity? If you just want to change your head, there are no rules: length, color or material … Everything is allowed! On the other hand, if it is hair loss, there are a few rules to follow. Yolande Zielony, head of the wig sector of the Norgil group, gives us the 10 commandments to find and keep her ideal wig.


1st commandment: Your time, you will take

It is best to choose your wig before losing your hair. For Yolande Zielony, this simplifies the choice of both the cut and the color because the specialist can immediately identify the style of wig that you may like and that offers the most natural result possible. On the other hand, if you don’t have time to take care of it before, don’t panic! The specialist will advise you.


2nd commandment: With synthetic hair wigs, you will be tempted


It is true, in the past, synthetic hair wigs had quite a bad reputation. But today, great progress has been made. Indeed, as Yolande Zielony explains, “the rendering is very natural and the choice of cuts and multiple colors”. In addition, they have the great advantage of being much lighter than their competitors in natural hair. According to our expert, even if it does not appear, it is an extremely important argument to take into account: “The main thing with a wig is to feel good. If a wig is too heavy, the client will not be comfortable and may even feel discomfort. This is precisely what to avoid. ” They also have the advantage of being very easy to maintain, in addition, to be less expensive than natural hair wigs. However, they can not stand the heat and leave little room for fantasy. Once cut and color chosen, you can no longer touch it.


3rd commandment: On natural hair wigs, you will not rush

This type of wig has the advantage of offering an unequaled natural result. Very elegant, they allow for tailor-made: strands, cuts, waving or smoothing, as with hair fiber, everything is allowed. The feeling of finding “your own hair” is, therefore, more important than with a synthetic wig and these products are much more resistant. On the other hand, as Yolande Zielony explains, “they are often heavy and require relatively restrictive maintenance”. Indeed, as with “real hair”, at the slightest drop of rain, it must be re-styled and done the equivalent of brushing. We must, therefore, devote more time to them. Finally, their big drawbacks remain their prices: 3 to 5 times more expensive than synthetic hair wigs,


4th commandment: With your wig, you will feel beautiful and good

Style and style are good, but comfort is also essential, so do not neglect the choice of your hat. So, depending on your budget, there are different kinds:



This model is the best and unfortunately the most expensive. The real asset of this model lies in its incomparable comfort, its perfect support, and a natural allure flawless every day thanks to the mono-filament which allows to style the wig in all directions while keeping a natural appearance. Indeed, as the hair is implanted individually by hand as on a scalp and the skin is seen by transparency, the result looks like it can be mistaken for a real scalp.



Less expensive than the previous one, it is the right compromise between budget and comfort. Thus, the tulle wigs, entirely handmade, offer a very comfortable and ultralight frame. The result is a little less natural than with the monofilament but the wig remains invisible.


Much less expensive than its competitors, the mesh beanie also offers a result that can sometimes lack naturalness. It is also a little worse in terms of comfort but it represents a real alternative for tight budgets.


5th commandment: To your size, you will adapt your wig

That’s it, you’ve finally found the wig you need. It suits your complexion and is comfortable. Now you just have to take ownership of it. As Yolande Zielony explains, “This is an important step in the process. It is the role of the specialist who sells the wig to facilitate it by allowing the client to accept her new hair as well as possible. go through to properly adjust the cap so that the wig does not fall out or is not too tight and sometimes by cutting a few strands so that the cut is protruding “. It is therefore preferable to take your time again for the last visit because it allows you to make your wig truly unique so that when you go out, you will feel good in your sneakers!


6th command: Your wig, you will not brush

Be careful, a wig is practical and can look like real hair but in terms of maintenance, you have to adopt new beauty gestures. Thus, according to the expert, “whether it is a wig with natural or synthetic hair, it is better to avoid brushing. Indeed, it harms the suppleness and the shape of your hair. Prefer a detangling with the fingers, without pulling, to avoid breaking the hair. ”


7th commandment: Your wig, you will wash

For Yolande Zielony, “a wig washes every 15 days to 1 month”, it depends on how often you wear it and your exposure to outside odors. For shampoo, it is imperative to use suitable care so as not to damage the fiber of your wig. The ideal is to soak your wig in water with a dab of shampoo 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it. For an optimal result, you can also use the equivalent of a conditioner to provide softness and shine to your hair. For the application, the principle is the same as for the shampoo but it is not necessary to rinse.


8th commandment: Let your wig dry

Drying is a delicate step for a wig. Indeed, if it is a synthetic wig, you should never use a hairdryer because they can not stand being exposed to a heat source. It is therefore preferable to allow it to air dry. You should also avoid brushing it when it is wet. Once dry, you can untangle it and it will regain its shape. Regarding natural hair, despite appearances, you must also wait until it is dry before undertaking any styling. To restore their appearance and shape, a “brushing” will be essential.


9th commandment: On its support, your wig will remain

To keep your wig in the best conditions, install it on a support as soon as you are not wearing it. The ideal? A head holder! It will allow your wig to keep its shape and prevent it from being damaged. Another less expensive alternative, you can store it flat in its original box so that it does not take dust unnecessarily.


10th commandment: With the social security and the mutual insurance company, you will contact

Note that Social Security covers up to € 125. However, this rate generally corresponds to the first price wigs which may not find favor with your eyes. Thus, the average price of a wig being from 300 to 500 € for synthetic hair and from 1200 to 1500 € for wigs with natural hair, you can contact your mutual insurance company because this one generally takes care of part of this expense. .


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