Generally, there are two types of wigs: synthetic wigs and natural wigs.
So, whatever type of wig you have, there is specific maintenance to do.
But before washing your wig, remember to dust it with a soft brush.

Caring for a synthetic wig

Generally speaking, a synthetic wig that can last up to a year.
However, with a minimum of maintenance, its life can be extended to the maximum.

How to wash a synthetic wig

It is known that one should wash his synthetic wig every 10 to 15 uses.
To do this, you must first untangle it in a delicate way.
Thereafter, you must immerse it in cold water with shampoo specially reserved for the wig.
Then let it soak for a few minutes.
soak wigs
It is no recommended to put the shampoo directly on the wig, put it in cold water and then soak the wig.
Finally, rinse the wig with clean water.
After washing the wig, blot it with a towel, but make sure it is not twisted and allow it to air dry on a prosthesis holder, a showerhead, etc.
wash wigs
If the wigs are curly, you will see that the curls will reform on their own during drying.
You should avoid using a hairdryer or any other heat source to dry it.
You can limit frequent washing and keep your wig by wearing an under-cap to wash in the evening before bed.
So it could be dry the next day.

The way to brush a synthetic wig

Brushing a synthetic wig is not done all at once.
It is advisable to start with the tips in order to gradually work your way up towards the roots using a boar bristle or a special brush.
Do not brush your wet wig, wait until it is dry to shake it so that it has volume.
And do not use lacquer, gel or color spray.
Protect your wig  and avoid all sources of heat that may be in contact with it.

How to store a synthetic wig

Please don’t store a synthetic wig in the open air, as it may be exposed to dust.
Thus, let it breathe for a few moments after wearing it by putting the hat outwards before storing it.
Then use a tissue paper inside the wig and put the wig in its net to lay it flat in a box, to store it.

Caring for the natural wig (human hair wig)

To extend the life of a natural wig, maintenance is necessary.

How to wash a natural wig?

As for human hair wigs, I say you should wash your natural wig so that it can last as long as possible.
For this, you must first use a detangler and apply it delicately using a wooden brush if the hair is straight and if the hair is curly, curly or wavy you can use a comb with large teeth or your fingers for detangling.
You can start to untangle your wig by the ends.
Thereafter, you must immerse it in lukewarm water with a shampoo specially reserved for the natural wig.
It is not recommended to soak the wig, soaking may destroy it. To keep your wig looking shiny, apply a wig balm and let it sit for about 5 minutes.
Finally, rinse the wig with clean water and let it dry.
After washing, let your wig dry on your wig stand or on a towel.
The drying of the natural wig is done in a well-ventilated place.
After drying, you can style it.
If you have straight hair, use a straightening iron and if you have curly or curly hair think about putting curlers or opt for a curling iron which will make you a perfect touch-up of the cut.
For heaters, keep them at the lowest temperature to prevent them from destroying your hair.
If necessary, use a treatment specially designed for natural hair wigs capable of repairing and protecting the wig before styling.
For the frequency of washing the natural wig, several criteria such as the frequency of wearing your wig, the one in which you are used to washing your hair, humidity, etc., are to be taken into account.
However, you can wash your wig every week for optimal durability.
However, you can limit washing and keep your wig by wearing an undergarment that you can clean at night.

The storage of the wig in natural hair

It is not recommended to put your wig in natural hair in the open air to store it.
Indeed, it will be exposed to mites and dust.
The storage of the wig in natural hair is done in the same way as that of synthetic wigs.

The Benefits of the Natural Wig

There are many advantages to wearing wigs. You can learn more about this human hair wig buying guide.
With natural wigs, you can color your wig if you have not found any flowing to your taste on the market.
So you can have the color you want.
Besides, you can make streaks or dye it.
For natural hair, there is a wide choice of colors if you want to color them. However, avoid coloring the frame.
As for the cut, you are free to cut the hair without limits and in various ways.
Be very careful not to damage the hat with the scissors.
It is also possible to use hairspray, gel, color spray cans, etc. for perfect hairstyles, however, it should be done in moderation.
Indeed, products just like them tend to damage your own hair can also damage the wig.

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