Wigs near me:


You may be wondering what are the wig stores near me? And the map will help you out.

In addition, there are things you need to learn about buying wigs:


Where and when to buy your wig?

  • > When?

We advise you to go and choose your wig as soon as you know you will need one. And even before your hair has fallen out.

Why? Because in this way, you can choose a wig whose color is close to your color, before your natural color is fading cut.

Besides, you don’t have to go and choose your wig alone. It is a good idea to be accompanied by your husband, a family member or friends. They will help you keep your spirits up and help you choose a wig that will suit you best!

Also, do not be embarrassed to tell about your situation to the hairdresser or wig shop owner. They could help you to select the best wig for you only when you open your mind to them.

  • > Where: At the hairdresser

You can go to your hairdresser for information. It makes sense because he is the hair specialist! He can, therefore, help you know where to buy a wig, how to choose it, etc.! He himself may even have a few to sell.

Another professional you can trust at this important time is the socio-hairdresser, who is specialized in the problems of alopecia and wigs during the disease.

  • >Where:  In Wig Stores near you

There are many stores specializing in the sale of wigs and it is surely at one of those stores you will find the greatest choice. The advantage of these wig shops is that in most cases you can get help from the seller. Get to the wig store near you, the owners will help you find what type of wig is right for you and will advise you on prices.

We also advise you to make an appointment in this kind of specialized shop. So the professional will have more time to give you suggestions and will be more attentive to you. The latter also sometimes offers home or hospital visits if you cannot go there on your own(but ask, beforehand, about the price of visit…).

You can also buy your wig elsewhere: online or by correspondence, or even in pharmacies. But read the wig review before placing an order.


How to measure your head size?

Use a measuring tape.

Start from the back of your head, on the most domed part, to the forehead and measure.


How to put on your wig?

Putting on a wig can be a bit complex at first, even if the store salesperson showed you how to do it.

But I bet you will get a good grip on it.


First remove the wig accessory: the wig cap.

Second, spread the wig cap around your neck.

Then pull it from the forehead to the back of the head.

Then cover it with your wig and adjust the wig until you look good and feel comfortable.


Here are a few things you can do to help!

Upstream: First, shake your wig in the air to let it be in a good shape. You can also massage your scalp so that you can comfortably wear your wig for a long time and avoid possible little itching!

Step 1: Place it on your head by bringing it up on your skull back and forth. To make it easier, lean forward;). Your wig will be in place when the top is around four fingers from your eyebrows!

Step 2: Make sure that the supports are correctly placed on your temples. Plate them well.

Step 3: Do not hesitate to finish the job by running your fingers through your wig! Make it look smoother.

wear wigs



How to take care of your wig?

1. Do not use a washing machine to clean your wig. Be sure to clean them by hand. Wipe it up with a small amount of shampoo first, and remember not to comb with a dense comb after rinsing. Instead, you should comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Then let it dry in air, and never dry it in the sun!

2. Do not store it in airtight places, i.e. do not throw it into the cabinet. In fact, this is very bad. You ou should use a professional shelf. If you want to store it in a bag, you should punch a few holes outside to keep it ventilated, so as not to breed bacteria and damage the scalp.

3. Do not spray wax. Hair wax is also relatively harmful to wigs. If it is necessary, only a small amount can be used at one time to ensure that it does not harm the hair quality. If you use it for a long time, it will become very sticky and cannot be washed away.

4. Wash your wig with warm water. The water temperature should be controlled at about 40 to 50 degrees.

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